About Us

We both grew up camping in the mountain’s of Utah. Here are our stories!

  • Barbara: My dad grew up in the mountains of Utah, riding horses throughout the canyons of Carbon County, Utah, for hours on end. He would stop to fish then back on his horse. He introduced my mom who was from Chicago, to this beautiful land. She fell in love with the mountains as soon as she saw them. It was obvious that my sister’s and brother and I would be exposed to them. I remember spending many wonderful summer’s, camping, horseback riding, dirt biking and hiking. Through the years I have camped out in tents and trailers and enjoyed both very much. Now that I am getting older, the comfort of a trailer is calling me. This is a new adventure in our lives and we are going to embrace it fully.
  • Kent: From my earliest childhood memories and into adulthood, I have always enjoyed exploring the outdoors. I enjoy hiking, camping, backpacking, fishing, and canyoneering. As a child, our vacations consisted of loading up our camping gear and heading into the wilds. I have five brothers, so there wasn’t a dull moment. No matter where we were, we explored every inch of the wilderness. I remember all eight of us, packed into a canned ham trailer, and my mom was always a good sport to put up with us. Barbara and I introduced our children to camping and we had many memorable outings. Now that the kids are gone, Barbara and I are going to make new memories as senior citizens.